Edgard Zavarezzi

Edgard Zavarezzi

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First Name * Edgard
Last Name * Zavarezzi
Username * ezc3
Country * Brazil
City Sao Paulo


Availability: Freelance
Website edgardz.com


Hi, I'm Edgard, a developer with over 10 years of experience on computer graphics. My passion is to achieve nifty solutions to the most crazy briefings you could create. My main focus is always the final product, and because that, I've found the generalist path to be the better way to allow me to mix various technologies and techniques. Over the years I've learned some programming languages like C#, AS3, SQL, Objective-C, ShaderLab, and techniques like OOP and Design Patterns. Also acquired some experience with several design tools available, like Photoshop, 3dsmax, After Effects, Maya, Eyeon Fusion, etc., and I'm still learning! Hope you enjoy my work. Feel free to get in touch.